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Private Lessons

P.A.S.S. now offers private training sessions can be tailored to each athlete's needs as requested or an evaluation can be performed. Private sessions can be individual or small group session, recommended to a maximum of 4.

PASS is a registered Charter Schools service vendor, and this can be used for payment for private lessons. 


Aspects that can be worked on include… 

  • Fundamental training 

  • SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) 

  • Focus on individual skills, turns and moves 

  • Ball work and manipulation 

  • Shooting, passing, dribbling 

  • Defending - pressure, delay, depth, balance, compactness, control and restraint 

  • Attacking - penetration, support/depth, width, mobility, creativity/improvisation 

  • Personal mentoring based on athlete's goals

Please contact us about pricing for the private sessions.

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