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Soccer Schools

In the UK, P.A.S.S. owner Matt Abraham, ran successful soccer programs in schools in the North-East of England. This included after school programs, as well as teaching P.E lessons in elementary schools. On returning to the USA and starting up Premier Athletic Soccer School, P.A.S.S. now offers soccer through numerous channels including summer programs in CA and NV, individual training sessions, after school programs and P.E lessons.

P.A.S.S. Philosophy

Our goal is to create a positive and fun environment that encourages young athletes to learn and develop individual skills, teamwork and confidence. We will exceed the expectations of players and parents, going above and beyond to reach individual and group success. We will motivate our youngsters to their highest potential and create a love and passion for the game of soccer.

Premier Athletic Soccer School Programs

P.A.S.S. offers outstanding coaching staff that provides on-the-field support in every aspect of youth soccer development. Our goal is to provide an environment that is consistently engaging, challenging, educational and fun.

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